3 Websites in 2 Days

May 15, 2018

Last week we launched (or re-launched, rather) 3 websites in the course of two days.

We pride ourselves in the ability to offer clients scale without compromising the quality control process. Handling a website launch is a great example of this. Managing 3 website launches in less than 48 hours is an even better example. Here’s a quick snapshot of what two clients needed (quickly), and what our website management team was able to deliver.

Website Management Client #1 – Mid-size Corporate Conglomerate in the Security Industry

This existing client has been in the process of overhauling it’s technology infrastructure. Their goals are to simplify reiurce management. This allows them to scale the enterprise solutions more easily and meet growing demand from customers and internal sales staff. We are assisting them in this effort by migrating their public facing websites to the new cloud-based infrastructure. This switch required the migration of each (of six) public websites, their respective development/test sites and configuration behind a scalable load balancer.

We scheduled the site migrations to the new cloud environment in a rapid succession. The first two sites were to be switched in less than 24 hours. We had to re-sync content updates made on either site since the migration started, configure the domain/URL bindings for the new environment, test the newly deployed SSL certificates and confirm continuity of the web-based sales forms which write directly to the client’s in-house and proprietary sales automation system – all in less than 24 hours.

Each site migration went quickly and deployment to the new production environment occurred ahead of schedule.

Website Management Client #2 – Mid-size Industrial Manufacturing Company

We recently brought on a new client and realized quickly their site required  immediate attention. The issues were related to security vulnerabilities that had gone unchecked for far too long. After an initial scan we realized the site needed to be remediated of malware. This had to happen prior to launching in our hosting environment. We moved a copy of the site into a clean cloud server instance, then scanned and scrubbed the site of malware. Next, we removed over a dozen unnecessary plug-ins (several of which were the root of the site’s security vulnerabilities) and updated the underlying WordPress platform and any remaining plug-ins which passed our vetting process.

Several bugs emerged related to compatibility issues with the newly updated plugins. These issues are common, especially after updating a site which has gone without updates for a long period. The bugs impacted the site’s core CMS, paralyzing the ability to make even the simplest content changes. The solution required some new coding to address the differences between the newly updated plugins. We then deployed a new SSL certificate, retested the entire site from the bottom to top and launched the newly cleaned and ready-for-the-world website!

Website Migration Success!

We completed the necessary work and re-launched all 3 websites in less time than we originally scheduled. Each client gained  a new environment with hardened security and better, redundant resources that can be scaled easily when necessary.

And, for nerds like us, it was all just part of the fun of managing great websites!




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