Consolidated Rail Corporation

Custom Web Design for Largest Rail Line Corporation in North East US



Since its inception as an operating entity, Conrail has continued to provide safe and efficient rail service for its owners, CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern. Customers located along Conrail’s lines in shared asset areas have access to the nation’s rail network through either NS or CSX.

Website Redesign

CONRAIL Website Redesign

The new website incorporates a modern aesthetic focused on improving the organization of content for the site’s core audience.

Design concepts were demonstrated to the client through multiple methods, allowing all participants the opportunity to review the newly conceived creative and collaborate during the evolution of the new designs. The result of this process is a fresh, engaging design based on the organization’s long established brand assets.

Conrail’s leadership within the industry, as evidenced by its long-standing history in one of the nation’s earliest railway regions, is demonstrated throughout the site. The refreshed and updated design includes a robust website content platform, built from the ground-up and optimized for the evolving needs of the organization.

Custom Developed WordPress Theme

Once approved, creative concepts were integrated with WordPress through the creation of a new, custom theme. EffectiV developed the new theme from the ground up, based on the best practices from the WordPress Codex.

EffectiV seamlessly incorporated all branding elements within the new theme to ensure consistency as new features are released in the future. The result is a cohesive expression of the brand and new design elements in a robust Content Management System (CMS).

Custom WordPress Theme Includes:

  • Branded Header, Footer and All Global Assets
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Job Posting / HR Systems
  • Deployment with WordPress’ Customizer Tools
  • Custom Designed Widgets and Sidebar Implementation

Ongoing Website Management:

EffectiV continues to partner with Conrail through a website management engagement. This core service provides all support for Conrail through a turn key solution. Anyone from any department in the corporation can access the website resources to make updates to anything related to the corporate website through a single point of contact.

Website Maintenance & Support:

  • Ongoing Web and Graphic Design
  • Custom Coding and Development
  • Content Management and CMS Support
  • Website Maintenance and Component Updates
  • Hosting Environment Support and Website Security

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