Eureka Equity Partners

Rebranding, Website Design and Print for a Private Equity Firm


What’s in a Name?

Eureka Equity Partners, formerly Eureka Growth Capital, determined the firm’s name no longer represented their strategy. Over a period following the firm’s inception the market has defined growth capital as a discrete stage of investing, which is different from the firm’s investment mandate.

The new name, Eureka Equity Partners, better reflects the firm’s strategy and approach.

Eureka tapped EffectiV to help create the new branding and assist in their careful reintroduction to the market.

New Logo

The new logo remains grounded in the original iconography. Eureka’s first fund was sponsored by a fifth generation, family-owned enterprise rooted in the coal fields of Pennsylvania. The lantern anchors the logo and visually bridges the new name with the same commitment to honesty and integrity infused at the firm’s inception.

Website Redesign

The redesigned website blends new creative elements with themes introduced to the brand during the firm’s inception. An updated color palette helps generate new energy throughout the site and nicely accents the broad sweeping imagery of the Philadelphia skyline.

Improved UI

We significantly improved the user interface for several key sections responsible for delivering the most important content.

The portfolio company section was designed to let visitors seamlessly ‘flip’ through company profiles.

Each profile has its own page/URL, but pages were coded so most of the elements conform and settle into the user’s screen dimensions.

Caching techniques let those elements remain fixed while company details are refreshed almost instantly.

Print and Collateral Marketing Materials

EffectiV provided relentless and vigorously consistent guidance for the creation and quality assurance of all marketing materials.

This included a careful vetting of all collateral materials produced in-house and the implementation of a customized process for the quality assurance of all externally produced materials by 3rd parties.

The sum of this effort ensured all new materials met with the rigorous new branding standards and guaranteed a predictable and controlled introduction of Eureka’s new brand.

Creative Deliverables Include:

  • One Page Sell Sheet
  • Print Mailing Materials | Standard and Corporate
  • Business Cards
  • New Scratch Pad Design
  • Power Point Presentation Templates

Ongoing Website Management:

EffectiV continues to provide its full suite of website management services for Eureka. This includes everything from ongoing hosting and infrastructure maintenance to content management and support.

  • Ongoing web & graphic design
  • Content development & CMS support
  • Continuous platform support & component updates
  • Website hosting, support & security management

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