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Website Redesign for Private Equity Firm


Patient Flexible Capital
for Growing Companies

Spring Capital has provided patient and flexible capital solutions to growing businesses for more than 20 years. In that time it has raised over $600 million across four funds and invest it in the growth of 75 companies that span a broad range of industries.

Spring Capital’s principals bring decades of experience in investment banking, commercial banking, venture capital, and entrepreneurship to the ownership and management teams of their portfolio companies.

Website Redesign

GO Philly Fund Website Redesign

Spring Capital Partners’ new website delivers a vibrant and fresh aesthetic, grounded in best practices for User Interface design. The site was redesigned from the ground up, and built upon the firm’s core branding elements, originally established when the firm was launched. New imagery and an updated color palette combine to reintroduce the concepts of growth and Spring that the private equity firm envisioned originally.

EffectiV was asked to lead the website redesign process for Spring Capital based on it’s decades of experience partnering with private equity firms to manage their websites and deliver outstanding new website designs.

Custom WordPress Theme

Our standard practice for new websites is to create a new WordPress theme for the client. The process incorporates best practices for creating a custom theme, according to the WordPress Codex. This ensures the site adheres to all aspects of the new design experience, while taking full advantage of the benefits of the world’s leading open source CMS platform.

The Spring Capital WordPress theme includes all custom branding elements, integrated with the new design aesthetic to deliver a consistent design, even as the website’s content expands.

Private Equity Features Built Into Custom Theme:

  • Intuitive Portfolio Company Section Filters in Real-Time
  • Deal Announcements and Firm News Integrated through Dedicated ‘Custom Post Type’
  • Website built according to WordPress’ theme creation standards
  • Standards-based development helps ensure longer life-cycle for the website
  • Hand-coded HTML/CSS integrated seamlessly with WordPress theme and customized functionality
  • Website operated by a fully scalable CMS solution

Ongoing Website Management:

Website management is part of the ongoing engagement with Spring Capital Partners. EffectiV provides all ongoing support including content updates and edits, website security, and all hosting support including the underlying maintenance of the website software.

Website Management

  • Ongoing Web and Graphic Design
  • Content Management & Updates
  • Site Maintenance and Component Updates
  • Website Security
  • Hosting Environment Support & Maintenance
  • Updates to Custom Features & New Functionality

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