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High Swartz’ reputation extends over 100 years. Since 1914 the firm has effectively represented individuals, businesses, public and privately-held entities, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and municipalities. Today the firm enjoys national recognition and was ranked a “Best Law Firm” by U.S. News.


Website Management and SEO Implementation

Law Firm Home Page | Website Maintenance and Redesign

EffectiV was initially tapped as the technical lead to implement a complex search engine optimization strategy, as outlined by their SEO partner. The newly redesigned site experienced a concerning dip in overall presence on search engines. The site included more than 600 pages of content, and many of those pages were at the root of their SEO challenges.

EffectiV worked closely with High Swartz’ SEO consultant, Hawkeye Digital, to develop a solution for several content indexing issues effecting a substantial volume of web pages. The solution included a combination of curating and, in some cases, removing large swaths of the webpage content, as well as implementing scalable solutions to fix missing meta data across the renaming web pages.

These efforts resulted in a dramatic improvement to the website’s overall search presence. Further, it pushed their rankings above the top five in several of their most valuable keywords.

Website Management and Web Design Services

Website Management Services for Law Firms

Following the success of that project, High Swartz retained EffectiV as their partner to provide a full suite of website management services including hosting, ongoing maintenance, web development and design for the firm’s website.

Most recently as the website management partner, EffectiV provided a full redesign of the website. The site redesign effort included the development of new custom templates that greatly improve search engine indexing and simplified the management of site content for the firm’s internal marketing team.

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