Website Security Now Standard with Website Management

October 6, 2017

We are extremely excited to announce that our core website management services now include advanced security as part of our standard suite of services.


The core of these new services are powered by our partner Sucuri, an industry leading expert in website security. This partnership enables us to incorporate Sucuri’s technology as a seamless component to our existing services, providing clients with the full spectrum of resources needed to successfully manage their websites.

The Sucuri platform combines a cloud-based website firewall with continuous website scanning, giving websites true point-to-point security. The full scope of features we are now offering include the following:

  • Scanning & Detection

    • Continuous Website Monitoring
    • Server Side Scanner
    • Conditional Malware Detection
  • Website Protection

    • SSL/HTTPS Encryption
    • Brute Force Protection
    • DDoS Attack Mitigation
    • Malware & Hack Prevention

Removing any hesitation from implementing these security services for EffectiV’s clients is key, according to Kevin King. “Perhaps the most exciting part of this announcement is that we are able to provide these security services without incurring additional costs to our Core Website Management clients.”

Kevin explains just how important security is to the firm’s website management services going forward, “Security has simply become too crucial to the ongoing success of our client’s websites. We knew that true, point-to-point security had to become integral to our overall service – and quickly. We determined the best way to introduce the service to our existing clients and accelerate adoption was to include these security services as part of our current fee structure.”   

If you are an existing client and have not yet discussed adding these security tools to your website we encourage you to contact us immediately. Our goal is transition all of our current clients to the new security platform before the end of this year.


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