Who is Accountable for Your Website?

The more complex the environment the easier it is to pass the buck. We don’t do that.  Support engagements for our website management service start and end with us as the accountable party for the technology your website needs.

We Are Accountable.

    If something goes wrong with your website, are you able to pick up the phone and call someone that you know will provide immediate help? Who considers themselves accountable?

  • Your IT Department?
    For much of the technology, sure. But your IT team has a LOT on their plate already (trust us, we know).
    The SEO company?
    It’s probably an option. But unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s likely not cost-effective. Full-stack technology skills are not common (ask the IT guys).
  • Your Marketing Team?
    No doubt they will manage the timeline and deliver the message… assuming all of the technology is in place.
    The Ad Agency?
    We have seen agencies do a really nice job maintaining the websites they’ve created… until the contractor they hired takes another gig.

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